Drive, He Said

Well, the saga of my attempting to get a driver’s license so I can drive myself on my upcoming book tour continues. I was supposed to take my road test today up in Yonkers but inclement weather caused the DMV to postpone it till next Wednesday. At every turn, so to speak, the attempt to […]

Spring Awakening

Just thought I’d name this post for my favorite new musical. If you haven’t seen it, do. And Jonathan Groff, the lead, is a sweet kid. He even let me bring my nephew backstage to meet him after we saw it in December. I’ll be rooting for Jonathan come Tony time. I had an unrequited […]

Chapter vs. Verse

I haven’t posted in a week because I’ve been working on my new novel’s first chapter. So if you’ve logged in for a peek at my life, please be patient for I guarantee you’ll soon be rapt or titillated, at least, by the love story I’m writing. It’s not set in Afghanistan. It’s not about […]

I’m back!

i’m not sure if I still have any readers on this site anymore since I’ve been away from my postings for so long. Sorry about that. But I promised myself I wouldn’t post again until I had a chunk of my new novel written. Last week, I sent off 101 pages of THE SENSUAL MUSIC […]

The Inn Crowd

Okay. By Wednesday of this week I had processed the review in the Times that’s running. I listened to a lot of Lena Horne to help me do it – especially her “Live on Broadway” recording. I not only love listening to her sing her songs, but also all the patter between them when she […]

The Birth of Mississippi Sissy!

The American South of the 1960s was no place to be different, much less a freak. Back then, boys grew up to become football heroes and marry girls who were taught to be perfect Southern belles. Segregation ruled, and you never voted for a Democrat in a national election, especially not a Kennedy. As far […]